Public Service Announcement: Jesse Boulerice Has Left The Building

By Ken Peacock

Well September has been an interesting month. Hockey is just around the corner. Camps are opening up, players are migrating towards their arenas. Lots of good things….and oh….yeah Jesse Boulerice apparently has retired. At least that’s what his wife said on the WBS Penguins Facebook page Wow….retiring by way of a face book post / advertisement for the wife’s Juice Pill business. This is not the way I would want to go out, but hey it is what it is. So, now there are two faces that I will miss coming to Scope this season. Goodbye Jesse and Goodbye Louis “the Turtle” Robitaille. You will be missed ……… just a little.


I'm not the average hockey nut. It took a bit to grow, but when it did it was like a drug flowing in my veins. I am a season ticket holder of the Norfolk Admirals, longtime supporter of the Washington Capitals, and part time supporter of the Anaheim Ducks (It's hard, but it can be done). My blog is a result of the lack of good sources of Admirals information and happenings. Our paper provides very weak coverage and there is only so much the Admirals themselves can do. There are not to many blogs that cover the Admirals, and when they do it is just rehashed information from the club, the AHL. Nine times out of ten the blogger doesn't even live in the area or go to the games. So what do I want to do? Hmm...good question. I would use this as an outlet for getting out information about the Admirals. Not necessarily the information provided by official channels, but news and information from a fans point of view. Hopefully this is something I can accomplish. I am open to criticism, comments, contributions of infomation for the site. Thank You and Welcome......

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2 comments on “Public Service Announcement: Jesse Boulerice Has Left The Building
  1. Jags68 says:

    Wasn’t he the guy that Aaron Downey knocked out in the NHL? And who is the announcer in that video? he makes it sound like Boulerice was winning when Labrie was beating him. Bouelrice didn’t win. A draw maybe, but no way did he win it.

    • Ken Peacock says:

      Yes, Jesse Boulerice was playing for the Hurricanes, and Aaron Downey was with the Stars. Boulerice swung and missed while Downey connected with a one punch K.O. The broadcaster is Tom Grace for the Penguins. He was at one time the radio man for the Admirals. If you ever get a chance to watch the Ads and Pens on AHL live you are in for a treat. No matter how bad the Penguins might be getting it on the ice, Grace will make it sound like they are marching off to victory. He has a term for Admirals Hockey …..that term is “Gutless Hockey”. He’s not my favorite broadcaster. Pete could school him in hockey broadcasting and reporting the true facts as they appear on the ice. My opinion…take it or leave it.

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