Admirals Leaving Norfolk For Syracuse? Rumors….Rumors….Rumors

By Ken Peacock

     Over the last few games at Scope I have been hearing things about Tampa Bay, Norfolk, Syracuse, and The Anaheim Ducks. Tampa Bay and Norfolk are in their final season of their affiliation agreement. What happens to the team we know and love as the Admirals may not be the team that skates on Scope ice next season.

When Syracuse was here a few weeks ago I overheard a story about “These are the guys that will be here next year”. I didn’t really think nothing of it, but lets fast forward to Friday and Saturday night. The Syracuse owner was mentioned in the local Syracuse news that their affiliation with the Anaheim Ducks was essentially over. They were in the process of trying to set up a new affiliation agreement. Saturday night Howard Dolgan announced that a new affiliation agreement had been closed and he hoped to announce the new team before the end of the season. It has long been rumored that the Crunch have been trying to land the Admirals parent club, Tampa Bay Lightning.

“We’re done. Hockey in Syracuse is secure for a long time,’’ Dolgon said. “It’s a fair deal. We’re very comfortable, they are very comfortable. It’s just a question of working with the parties involved, and finding the appropriate time.’’

The news has filtered down to the fan base and I started hearing this rumor (or fact) over and over again. “Did you hear that we are getting the Crunch” or “Norfolk is going to be in Syracuse next year”. So where does this leave us? I am sure the Admirals organization would be doing it’s best to land us an affiliation. Would we get Anaheim? If not the Crunch’s old parent club then who else? Is this happening or is it just a rumor? There are lots of questions,  but no answers. A post on a fan site stated that a question about this situation was asked to a member of the Admirals Management. The answer received was “Do not believe everything you read on the Internet”. Well what are we to believe? Bruce Rader of WAVY TV reported on this story as well. There are no answers only rumor and speculation.

What’s next? I would like an answer. I have already paid for my season tickets next year and I would like to know what sort of product we will see on the ice next year. Let’s put an end to the rumors and speculation. Come on now Management…Let us know what is going and put this thing to bed. If it’s going to happen then it’s going to happen. Time to squash the rumors and tell us the facts. There is no need to hang this dark cloud over our heads as our team heads off into the playoffs. I have supported this team all year long and I am not going to stop supporting them now.


Syracuse Closes New Affiliation Deal




I'm not the average hockey nut. It took a bit to grow, but when it did it was like a drug flowing in my veins. I am a season ticket holder of the Norfolk Admirals, longtime supporter of the Washington Capitals, and part time supporter of the Anaheim Ducks (It's hard, but it can be done). My blog is a result of the lack of good sources of Admirals information and happenings. Our paper provides very weak coverage and there is only so much the Admirals themselves can do. There are not to many blogs that cover the Admirals, and when they do it is just rehashed information from the club, the AHL. Nine times out of ten the blogger doesn't even live in the area or go to the games. So what do I want to do? Hmm...good question. I would use this as an outlet for getting out information about the Admirals. Not necessarily the information provided by official channels, but news and information from a fans point of view. Hopefully this is something I can accomplish. I am open to criticism, comments, contributions of infomation for the site. Thank You and Welcome......

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