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Welcome To Vulture’s Row – A Norfolk Admirals Blog.

If you are a member of the Naval Aviation Community you should already know the term Vulture’s Row. For those that don’t know the term is easily explained as a viewing gallery on an aircraft carrier’s island where anyone can watch the day’s flight operations.

So how does this relate to the Norfolk Admirals?  Well that’s pretty easy as well. The Norfolk, VA area is home to one of the largest Naval Communities in the world. Norfolk  is home to a few Admirals and a few aircraft carriers as well. In Norfolk’s sports world the Admirals translate over to the AHL’s Norfolk Admirals. Take this one step further and think of the Norfolk Scope Arena as the Aircraft Carrier. Pretty easy to see that, but what about the Vulture’s Row???  That’s easy as well. The Scope’s “Vulture’s Row” are the seats. I can see it, can you?

VULTURE’S ROW – A fans view of Norfolk Admirals Hockey from the stands. 

Information on Norfolk Admirals Hockey is very limited. We do not get a lot of support from our newspapers, you can generally find the results of the game towards the end of the sports section with a small paragraph. The news channels might give you a small blurb that a game was played, sometimes you might get a cameraman down at Scope to shoot 30 seconds of video. You do not see many blogs about the Admirals, and if you do it’s from a blogger that doesn’t even live in the area, go to the games, or know anything about the Admirals other than what’s pushed from official channels. The Admirals themselves are one of the better sources, but they are even limited to what they can say by the AHL rules and regulations. We, the fans, want more! We like to hear the rumors, speculations, predictions, and opinions. There is a forum out there that helps fill this need at http://www.admiralszone.net. Good bunch of fan’s that love their love hockey. This forum is great for information and the occasional laugh. Don’t go there with thin skin though, sometimes things can get heated.

So here we have this little blog…..

The goal for this blog is to bring you information from the fan’s point of view. This blog is a collection of Pictures, Video, Links, Tweets, Information (Official and Non-Official), statistics, etc…(you get the picture). We are not professional writers or photographers by any means. We are fans with a desire for finding and passing on any information about something we love. Hopefully this blog catches on and develops a strong following.  Please feel free to contribute to the blog. Comments are always welcomed.

Welcome to VULTURE’S ROW

2 comments on “About Us
  1. James D. says:

    Is there going to a new jerseys for norfolk admirals? Or are we using the same ones from last year?

  2. Ken Peacock says:

    My sources tell me it will be the same jersey as last year. The Lightning patch will be replaced with a Duck patch.

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